No techno mumbo-jumbo. Just ways to help you get more customers

The Big Secret

No one selling websites wants to tell you that a new website on its own is as likely to get you more customers as a new sign over your door. Unless people see it, a new website is simply a cost. The end goal should be more customers - or at least that's what we think. That's why we treat a new website as simply a means to an end.

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What we do Differently

You might be asking If the website is just a means to an end, and you're a web developer, what do you do? Good question! Instead of just building a site, we approach getting businesses more customers as three different tasks.

1. The website

We build a fast, clean and modern (did you know 34% of consumers think a ‘clear & smart’ website gives a local business more credibility?) site from scratch and set up to work great on mobile. That means we're not just buying a pre-made wordpress site and slapping your businesses logo on it. Instead, we're building a site that will make your business show up on Google/Bing/Siri/Yelp when people search for the services/industry you're in.

2. The Integrations

Building a great site isn't enough these days to be the first business to show up when potential customers do their research. Possibly even more important than a good website is standardizing your online presence and linking it together across the internet. We do that and more by both making sure your business is represented properly across the web, as well as tying those services in with your businesses new website. Doing these little things right has a big impact.

3. The Content

So now you have a site, built with the correct meta-data (Schema Org, Rich Cards etc.), and it looks good. Done right? Not quite. At this stage we go one step further and make sure that you have more than a website online - you have a cohesive online brand. While this is rather important for consumers - a well put together business presents trustworthiness - it is also critical for ranking well on search engines and mapping services, helping your business show up before your competitors when people look for what you offer.

How Much We Charge

A wise person somewhere (almost certainly) once said "Charging by the hour and not the job hurts both you and the customer. You tend to take longer then necessary, and even if you don't, the client never knows if they were treated fairly or not. Hourly rates create resentment"

We've taken that to heart. The following fixed prices are for a basic, small business website. If you need something more than that (lots of pages, extra features, heck, even a full custom web application [Rich, our developer is a full-stack web developer]) then get in touch and we'll give you a full quote.

Just a Website

For the technical savvy wanting to do their own integrations but not wanting the 360 tour.

  • Custom built (not another wordpress site)
  • Clean, modern design
  • Optimized for mobile and speed - All things Google loves.


Integrations and Optimizations

If you already have a site, but want it to rank better

  • Web directory Optimization & Integration


Website, Integrations & Optimization

The whole package (and might we say, most likely to increase your businesses revenue)

  • Custom Built Website & Install
  • Better integrations with Google/Bing etc.
  • Everything from our other two options.



Some things just don't fit in our packages.

  • Blog

    We said you probably didn't need one, but sometimes it makes sense.

  • Hosting

    We don't care who you host with, but we offer our own managed (we deal with everything) services for the undecided.

  • Email Setup

    Up to 5 custom email addresses.

  • *Ask how you can get these free.


Like what you see? Awesome, get in touch with us however works best for you (we have allll the options) and let's see if we can get you more sales!

About Us

We're a young couple, both with degrees in economics, but one with a talent for writing, the other a self-taught full stack web developer. We live in Calgary, Canada and can often be found hiking in the Rockies with our dog, Rossi.

If you want to learn more about why we started doing what we do, check out our About Us page here:

About Us